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    Journey the Tasting Kauai Food Tour

    December 03

    Want to taste the true flavors and delights of Kauai? Embark on the Tasting Kauai Food Tour and you won’t be disappointed. Tasting Kauai offers three food tours every week that explore the North Shore, South Shore, and the East Side. On this tour, you will try foods in some of the most beautiful neighborhoods of Kauai, from one-of-a-kind specialty food stores to famous local restaurants and food trucks. As you indulge in delectables, your guide will give you an insider’s view into the unique history and culture of Kauai.

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  • kauia_shore

    Sunsets and Seclusion at Polihale State Park

    November 05

    If you're looking for seclusion, sunsets, and starry nights, then Polihale State Park is the place to go. At Polihale you will find beautiful beaches, clear blue water perfect for swimming or fishing, and if you are looking to make your excursion an overnight trip, an opportunity to camp out.

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    Chasing the Waterfalls of Kauai

    October 01

    When in Kauai, you will definitely want to chase the waterfalls. With an array of spectacular natural wonders to choose from, it’s best you begin with the cream of the crop. You may recognize the famous Wailua Falls, as it was the backdrop for the popular TV show, Fantasy Island. It’s also no trek at all to get to this double-tiered waterfall; no hiking is required to reach the falls, and the parking lot is so close to it, that it actually overlooks the Wailua itself.

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  • plumeria flowers

    The History of Hawaii’s Most Popular Flower

    September 10

    Although it would seem that these bright and fragrant flowers originated from our very own volcanic islands, they were actually transported here in the 1860’s by German botanist Wilhelm Hillebrand. Thanks to Hawaii's tropical climate and rich soil, the plumeria have been thriving ever since.

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